Noun or verb set only group is the General name for a group of people, animals or things. Today, we will jointly discuss the verb gather only the person in this article.

In the previous article, we have mentioned the verb collection, also known as common nouns. People are usually very happy to create the name.

Sometimes, the noun collection is named based on the personality traits or behavior of a group of people, animals or things.

A party of friends on the beach.

Here are a few examples of noun gathered talking about groups of people.

a billow of smokers-A billow (roll) is a large amount of smoke or the water moving in the air. When smokers sit together, you can see the huge cloud of smoke tree out from the smoke.
a field of athletes-Athletes (athletes) or participants in sporting events, often playing on a swathe of land, or a field (field), to prepare for the match. This is exactly why we have the combination of field and athletes.
a gang of thieves-A gang is an organized activity together, often do the wrong thing. A thief who specializes in stealing away.
a patrol of policemen-Policemen (police) regularly walk or drive a patrol car around an area. We can use a different word to describe this action, that is from the patrol.
a party of friends-A party (a party) in the sense of convergence, and means a group of friends gathered together!
a glitter of generals-Generals (General) is the senior official in the army. Troops as many stars, the higher the rank. We often describe the stars shine. Synonym with shining is the glitter.
In the next article, we will continue to discuss the mere combination of the noun.

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